Predictable lead generation through strategy based digital marketing
Build deep understanding of your customers and competitors
Know that you have the best practice digital tactics in place
But How?

"Most businesses take a trial and error approach to digital marketing. That isn’t how the big players operate. They build skills, strategies and put the right team in to deliver it.

Steve Brennan, CEO Bespoke Digital Agency
Next intake cut off Mid August
Steve Office

With the right strategy, team and digital assets SMEs can achieve corporate-level digital marketing and dominate their sector.

But most SMEs waste time and money trying to work out best practice for themselves whilst competitors leave them behind.

The Digital Accelerator Programme fast tracks your learning journey, moving you to a strategy mindset ahead of competitors and growing your leads and sales.

How does the programme work?

6 Month

Accelerator Programme



Our marketing efforts are wasted if we don’t know exactly who our customer is, what their biggest problems are, and how what we do fixes them.



Most people don’t know if the tactics they use are the ones that will generate the biggest returns. Those that dominate online have the best tactics in play.



By this stage, in addition to the rapid learning you have done, you have also received your digital insight reports on your business from our consultants.



Even the best digital strategy only works if the assets that are in place to do the marketing are strong. And by strong we mean better than competitors.



Two-thirds of the way through the programme, we are now underway with delivering on our strategy and we are starting to see the first results.



In this final module we stress test our strategies and set up recurring tasks and reporting so they continue to be implemented well after the programme ends.

The team do a great job of sharing the expertise and it is packaged in away that is easy to understand and easy to action when you get back to the office. Great learning, great fun and impactful too.

Tracey Murphy, Managing Director, HR Savvy

Strategy Bootcamps

Six day-long group learning sessions to build your skills, your digital strategy and to help you implement it and start seeing results.

As added value, you’ll get to share tips and experiences with other marketing managers, marketing directors and business owners too.

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next intake cut off
Mid August

Expert Insights


Three digital audits (RRP £750 each) produced by our senior consultants specifically for your business.

Get deep insight on your website, SEO, competitors and social media to help drive your learning, and develop your digital strategy.

years of
Social Marketing
Web Design
Software Development
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Learning Portal


24/7 learning portal with additional learning and exercises to prepare you for each of the six modules and to develop your learning further.

As the programme develops, the portal is populated with on demand videos, to answer the most common issues you and your cohort need help with.

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Our Experts

Steve Brennan
Steve Brennan


Two decades delivering growth through digital. CEO, founder, digital strategy advisor and author.

Steve Brennan
Mel Moville

Digital Projects coordinator

Thirteen years in digital specialising in usability, e-commerce, lead gen and GDPR compliance in digital marketing.

Steve Brennan
Tom Morton

Digital Executive

Five years experience in digital marketing with expertise in user behaviour, and organic and paid search.

Steve Brennan
Lauren Grice

Head of Partnerships

Eight years in the digital marketing industry specialising in social strategy, content marketing and online PR.

Steve Brennan
Jason Christie

Head of UX

A decade of experience designing and building digital interfaces and user journeys.

Steve Brennan
Amanda Hatton

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Seven years experience across the digital marketing spectrum both in-house and in-agency.

next intake cut off
Mid August


Who else will be on the accelerator?

Each intake has a maximum of 12 delegates, most of whom are responsible for digital marketing within an SME. In some cases the owner themselves joins the programme.

How much time will I need to give?

A full day is needed to attend each of the six strategy sessions. You may use the learning portal as much as you wish but a total of 1-2 days over the course of each month is the minimum needed to benefit from it.

What’s in the learning portal?

There is background learning for each of the six modules, on demand tutorials on broader digital marketing topics and storage space for the assets you build during the course.

How soon will I start to see results?

Most people see results improve during the programme in part because of the focus it brings. Those who implement their strategies the fastest obviously see the fastest results.

What happens after the programme finishes?

You will be delivering your strategy for growth by the time the programme ends. Our team are available to help if needed and you can subscribe to retain portal access or mentoring if you feel it will be useful.

What kind of audits will I get from the consultants?

We will speak with you during the programme to establish which areas will be most valuable to you. Common audits cover SEO, PPC, CRO, Social Media, Competitor Analysis, Website Audit.

next intake cut off

Mid August

The Digital Accelerator Programme runs from April 2018 with graduation in September 2018. Register your interest here to receive your free brochure and to receive further information as the launch date draws nearer.

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