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3 Key Killer Tips To Get Best ROI From Your PPC Campaign

Posted by Tom in Digital Marketing | April 2017

Traditional advertising has evolved into a dynamic data driven think tank for big players in the digital age such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and countless more social and search giants.

Whilst Google has a strong grip on the search market and everyone is tweaking, breaking and tagging their website trying to move up the search chain; have you considered how valuable a PPC campaign can be to help bolster quality traffic that is being driven to your business?

Implementing a solid digital marketing strategy that coincides with a social and SEO plan can make the world of difference to any enterprise. Whether you are a Digital marketing guru or just starting out experimenting with your PPC campaigns, most will agree getting a campaign to be an instant hit can be quite a frustrating process.

So we have put together 3 of the key essentials that you need for your PPC campaigns to get them back on track and fundamentally, get the best ROI be that improving click through rate or cost per click etc.

1. Do your homework

Simply, do the research. While this may sound completely obvious, we cannot stress the importance of research in this field or any form of digital marketing. Whilst you have been reading this blog post, Facebook is probably rolling out a new algorithm change and Adwords is implementing some new changes in Device Bidding.

Just spending an hour a day reading industry relevant blogs on all aspects of Pay-Per-Click  can bring about new ideas and inspiration to improve your campaign.

PPC Hero for example is a leading resource to for researching the technology and methods of making a successful campaign as well as the business industry/sector that you’re marketing in. You never know when you could be on the tail end of a trend that could make a considerable difference to your campaign.

2. Experiment with your campaigns

Don't be afraid to try out new methods and platforms. PPC is becoming more and more ubiquitous, which can be a great thing as well as leave you a bit spoiled for choice. While different platforms can give you different results, it is a great you can spread your bets over a few campaigns or platforms.

Even if you just try a simple A/B test on an advert to see which performs best; at the very least you have some new data-driven plans that you know what works and more importantly, what doesn't.

Alternatively, you could try Facebook advertisements to drive traffic back to your website with something as simple as a boosted post. Paid Social Advertising can be massively beneficial to many companies depending on your sector and business objectives. The most important aspect is understanding which digital platform will deliver the best results for you...

3. If all else fails, ask an expert

Ask an expert. Again, while this might sound obvious, everyone has their own strengths and experiences with experimenting with digital marketing.

If you have limited resources in-house, consider contracting PPC services to a digital agency who have the digital strategists who can plan, devise and optimise your Paid campaigns to increase sales, lead generation or simply boost brand awareness. They live and breathe PPC and do it everyday for other clients so working in partnership with someone in that particular field can only benefit your business.

Similarly, if you have the resources in-house but need some guidance and support on the direction you should take, why not invest in consultancy be it a PPC Audit or 1-2-1 Google Adwords Training Workshop?

By doing so, you can upskill in your own knowledge and skill, review what’s already in place to see where you’ve been going wrong; and put a tailored strategy in place to deliver the work yourself going forward.

What Now?

Ultimately, you want to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. No-one wants to gamble with a marketing budget. You may get fantastic results in the first few weeks and leave it hoping it will have its ongoing success; but unfortunately that’s not how it works and it could be a very costly mistake for your bank balance.

Whether it’s is a one-off Facebook advert experiment or a fully fledged Adwords campaign, sometimes it is much better to have a pay-per-click expert review your campaign and identify some quick wins to not only get the right quality traffic but also increase conversions.

If you want to find out how Bespoke can help you optimise your PPC campaigns or book in one of our popular PPC Workshops, just send us an email at or call us on 01772 591100.

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