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A Beginner’s Guide to Remarketing

Posted by Bethany in Digital Marketing | April 2017

You may have noticed that the ads you see on the internet are incredibly relevant to your recent browsing activity, sometimes even the exact product you’ve shown interest in. For example, if you’ve been looking at Bespoke | Digital Agency for Paid Search Optimisation, you might see this ad in your next Facebook session:

This is a specific marketing technique used by companies that target visitors who’ve already shown an interest in their website, products or services, known as remarketing.

What exactly is remarketing?

Remarketing is a cost-effective tool that allows companies to isolate website visitors that left without making a conversion and reconnect with them across different platforms and devices. It allows you to place relevant ads delivered in text and/or image display formats in front of an audience that have shown an interest in what you offer.

By adding a remarketing tag to your website from AdWords, you can create remarketing lists that capture visitors of a certain page using their cookie ID.

How will my business benefit from it?

The short-term goal is to get that website visitor to return to your website and complete a transaction or make an enquiry to increase your ROI in the long-term, but there are several other ways a business can inadvertently benefit from using remarketing techniques.

First and foremost, the presence of sponsored posts in a news feed will undoubtedly increase brand awareness. The more a potential customer is exposed to your branding, the more likely they are to consider you when they decide to purchase - increasing your conversion rates in return. If you have more conversions, it’ll result in a faster ROI.

Does one size fit all?

To put it simply, no. To maximise the return on your investment, it’s important to tailor any remarketing plan to your business. Remarketing allows you to target audiences of a certain demographic and enables a flexible budget that realistically suits your business’ goals.

You know your customers better than anyone, so you’ll also need to consider the platforms and devices that you think will work the best for your marketing display ads. For example, if the majority of your customers are young you will probably consider Facebook Ads as a form of remarketing, as statistics by Hootsuite claim that 82% of 18-29 year olds use Facebook.

On the other hand, if your company offer local services, there’s no point targeting a national audience if you can’t meet their requirements.

So which remarketing technique does my business need?

Initially introduced by Google in 2011, remarketing now comes in a range of shapes and sizes. From social media likes to ad placement and email campaigns, the list of remarketing techniques is now endless.

Tom Morton, one of our PPC experts, says:

Remarketing can be a very valuable tool for any PPC campaign, not only helping you increase your brand awareness but also giving you further opportunities to convert customers who have already previously visited your website. All while giving you a further working insight to your audience and demographics, giving you valuable data when planning future campaigns. Remarketing ad campaigns are incredibly popular with our clients and the results, well they speak for themselves.”

If this is still a bit overwhelming, our experts at Bespoke specialise in delivering great results tailored to your business’ needs, including remarketing. We offer continued analysis of how many conversions your remarketing ad campaign is generating and make strategic changes where necessary. To find out more about how we can maximise your ROI, get in touch on 01772 591100.

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