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Google Turn the Noise Up on AMP

Posted by Aimee in Digital Marketing | April 2017

During the last month-or-so, we’ve been making quite a lot of noise about the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and how its implementation can help businesses like yours. But if you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about - our latest blog breaks down everything you need to know in simple terms, so you can press ahead and plan your 2017 digital marketing strategy feeling fully informed.

AMP:  A Brief History

Conceived by Google, AMP is a means of solving the biggest problem of all when it comes mobile content; the need for speed. Even from a purely personal perspective, how many times have you clicked on a friend’s tweet or an interesting-looking news story, only to lose patience and click away because the content hasn’t loaded?

Now imagine it’s something that’s caught the eye of one of your customers; how many seconds are they likely to wait before they lose interest and click away AMP addresses these issues by making websites on mobiles work extremely fast. It’s operated by adding code to your content, which then serves searches on mobiles and tablets with a simplified version of your site.

One of the great benefits from a user perspective, is that highly ranked AMP websites will display in a carousel at the top of the search results, which can be read direct from the search screen (without needing to be clicked on and loaded.)

The AMP Evolution

Initially, AMP was targeted at editorial content, so it’s always been deemed to be particularly important for websites with active blogs and regular news articles.
To reinforce its importance in this area, major publishers including the BBC, The Economist, The Guardian, and The Financial Times were among AMPs early adopters. (An indicator to the rest of us - if indeed we needed one, that AMP is well worth considering if we want to stay competitive on the mobile web.)

However, since its inception, Google have added further weight to the importance of AMP, with a couple of recent developments that have made a seismic impact across the industry.

First of all, Google revealed they’ll now be using mobile performance as a bigger indicator in their search rankings. In a nutshell, this means they’ll actually prefer websites that have AMP versions of their pages, and crucially - they’ll be ranking sites with AMP higher as a result.

And secondly, whilst AMP will remain an absolute must for websites with long form editorial content, Google also announced that from April 2017, eCommerce websites will also be ranked using the same criteria too. Ebay and Shopify are already well ahead of the curve on this, so if your own selling pages aren’t AMP-friendly, it could reduce organic conversion rates - and create a significant dent on profits.

So, how can AMP help my business?

As alluded to above, slowness isn’t just an issue that affects user experience. It also reduces conversion rates, and harms accessibility by excluding users with slower internet connections. AMP was launched with the goal of allowing publishers to create mobile-optimised content just once - and be safe in the knowledge it will load up instantly everywhere.

By ensuring your blogs, articles and product pages are accessible from any device at any time, you’re ensuring the door to your business is always open - whether your customers are burning a few seconds away whilst waiting at the bus stop, or dashing through a mall trying to compare your prices to a competitors they’ve just seen in-store.

By staying one step of ahead of your competitors and being at the forefront of tomorrow’s technology, AMP not only ensures your products are seen in a matter of moments - but also enhance your chances of reaching the very top of Google’s search rankings too.

AMP: Next steps

AMP has been around for some time now why the sudden urgency to take urge action?

The short and narrow of it, is that Google rarely make an announcement unless they’re absolutely serious about something, so it goes without saying that AMP is guaranteed to be a great return on your investment. Advantages include:

  • Mobile pages that load up to 4x faster
  • Pages that are cached by Google - which means load times are reduced even further
  • Pages that are still able to serve forms and images that point toward CTAs
  • Pages that are likely to rank higher in Google search listings

If you want to find out more about AMP, and how Bespoke can help to implement it across your site, call our team on 01772 591100 or email us at You can also find out more at the official Accelerated Mobile Pages website.

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