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What are The Big Opportunities For Marketers in a GDPR Era?

Posted by Lauren in Digital Marketing | April 2018

GDPR is a hot topic on all marketer’s minds at present. Many digital professionals and business owners across the UK are wondering how it will change the way in which they market to people post 25th May 2018.

Common questions being asked include:

  • What opportunities does GDPR bring?
  • What practical steps do I need to take now?
  • How can we continue generating leads and sales?

When it comes to the General Data Protection Regulation, three key principles apply which you should ask yourself before delivering any marketing:

1. Transparency

Are you telling people what you’re doing with their data?

2. Fairness

Does what is processed match up to what was described?

3. Lawful

Do you have lawful grounds for processing?

In short, as long as you are telling prospects or customers what you’re doing with their data, it’s fair and it’s also lawful (be that consent or legitimate interest) you’re within your rights to do so.

Everything is a risk-based approach, so it comes down to reading and interpreting the ICO guidelines and establishing what risks are involved.

Is the activity, be it emailing or prospecting on LinkedIn, a low or high risk approach? How likely is it to result in a complaint or high risk for the rights and freedoms of the individual being marketed to?

How can it help to increase leads & sales?

Leads & Sales Generation through Digital

GDPR brings with it numerous opportunities for businesses of all sizes to in fact save money, and make more money from their marketing efforts. Here are seven reasons why it can help you increase leads and sales:

  1. Build trust with your customers
  2. Re-engage with past customers
  3. Leaner database
  4. Ultra-targeted marketing
  5. Improve email open rates
  6. Higher engagement from email marketing
  7. More valuable relationships

There is a lot of scaremongering out there in that marketing will become harder to deliver and results will be difficult to achieve.

When the fact of the matter, is that by reviewing your current email lists and the forms on your websites you can generate MORE leads after 25th May, outperforming your competitors online and reaping the rewards.

So what actions do I need to take?

We’ve reported some of the practical steps that need to be taken here in a previous blog post.

Fundamentally though, have you started or completed any of the following five actions:

1. Audit your email list

Where did the data come from? Is there a record of consent? How many people haven’t opened your emails in the last 24 months, should they still be on your email list if they’re not interested?

Use this opportunity to really segment your email database and create specific, niche lists.

2.  Re-engage with your email list

Reach out to your existing customer database and ask for re-consent if necessary. Tell people why they should sign up, what can they expect to receive and apply preferences for ultra-targeted marketing.

3. Get GDPR consent now

Keep a record of when and how and what they were told. Design a process for people that want to opt out of receiving marketing information.

4. Audit your website and CMS

Is your website, CMS and CRM compliant? A website GDPR Audit can review what data is being processed and stored, details recommendations or steps that need to be taken towards compliance.

5. Update your Privacy Policy

If you’ve not already done so, your privacy policy needs to be updated to include details of any legitimate interests, and of any third parties you share data with.

If you’re still unsure if you are GDPR ready, here is a handy checklist.

And if you would like to discuss in more detail how you can increase leads and sales generation in a GDPR era, please get in touch by calling Lauren Grice, Head of Partnerships, on 01772 591100 or email

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