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The Crucial Role of Conversion Rate Optimisation for your Lead Generation Website

Posted by Aimee in Digital Marketing | April 2017

If the main goal of your marketing activity is to generate valuable leads, then your website is by far the most important tool for turning enquiries, into valuable long-term custom. And whilst it’s relatively easy to increase the volume of traffic to your website - your digital agency should be challenged to attract the ‘right’ kind of leads, and working hard to implement subtle yet clever signals that convert traffic from prospects into customers.

In our latest blog, we explain why Conversion Rate Optimisation should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to improving your lead generation website.

1. It’ll help you benchmark your targets

At Bespoke, we’re firm believers in having a clear lead generation goal in place, as without one, it’s unlikely your business will grow at the desired rate.

Your current lead generation performance should be bench-marked before CRO begins, so that areas in need of improvement can be determined, and successes can be tracked. Some larger businesses have all of this data available through sophisticated CRM and reporting systems, but many have no clear visibility at all of how their website spend equates to confirmed sales.

Digital agencies can help with all of this, by using intelligent tools to evaluate your lead generation sources, and delivering ways to improve your existing content. By agreeing a commercial value on work to be undertaken with your agency up front, this can be set as a clear goal, ensuring your business receives a sound return on your investment.

2. It helps to ensure a smooth customer journey

When it comes to eCommerce websites, customer journeys tend to be relatively straightforward, with visitors arriving to a site via a search, before browsing products, and then checking out having selected their desired item. With Lead Gen websites, visitors are generally still exploring their options, so if they’ve discovered your business having searched ‘removal vans’, and landed on a blog entitled ‘The best van to hire if you’re moving house’, you don’t want to be linking to content that raves about discounts on tractor hire.

To avoid this, optimisation experts will ensure all your offers are related to the specific page a customer lands on, allowing you to capitalise on their interest in a particular subject. Digital experts do this by learning about your visitors’ conversion paths, tracking the moment they land on your site, through to the time they become a firm lead. In cases where the visitor's path doesn't end with the desired goal, optimisation specialists will run A/B tests, testing different CTAs, adding new landing pages, or introducing additional steps in the journey, such as thank you pages. Split tests will determine which changes perform better, and your website will be continuously improved through regular analysis.

3. It will nurture your leads

CRO experts understand that not every lead is going to turn into a high-margin customer, so it’s important your business redoubles its efforts when it comes to nurturing those leads once they’re received. As part of your optimisation strategy, you’ll need to ensure prospects are placed into a tailored workflow, so they don’t feel forgotten about, and are consistently delivered with valuable content that matches their interest.  

Follow-up emails that include great content can be generated, and as your leads are nurtured, CROs will continue learning about them, tweaking future correspondence accordingly. If you don’t have these skills in-house, your digital agency will include this as part of your regular optimisation package.

As a digital marketing agency, there’s many ways our team can accelerate your lead generation website, so to find out more drop us an email at, and a member of our team will be in touch soon to discuss your requirements.

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