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What a successful digital marketing team looks like

Posted by Bethany in Digital Marketing | March 2018

Are your team on track to deliver their digital marketing goals?

If you don’t know where your digital marketing team currently stand in relation to these goals, it’s time to assess your team’s strategy and structure in order to deliver best practice digital marketing.

When working in-house, it can be difficult to balance the daily needs and tasks of the business with a structured, informed digital marketing campaign. It’s also difficult to step outside of the ‘bubble’ of your company, view things through a fresh pair of eyes or keep your team’s digital marketing knowledge and skills up-to-date, delivering a strategy that works

In successful digital marketing strategies, those delivering the work are always singing from the same hymn sheet, and receiving feedback from peers, connections and experts is a smart way to learn from others’ knowledge and expertise.

Goals are clear

Being pulled in different directions is a recurring frustration for marketers. Ensure that your team have defined digital marketing goals that’ll keep the business on-track throughout the year. The desired results from your strategy should be aligned with the concept of SMART objectives; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

It may be that your team of digital marketers contribute to the strategy, however – you’ll want to be confident in their ability to do this.

Regular, rigid reporting

It’s one thing to set goals, but are you measuring them accurately and consistently. A successful strategy is regularly reviewed. Assign each member of your team a SMART goal for them to take ownership of delivering, and organise a monthly reporting structure that allows you to predict the desired results for the rest of the year.

Upskilling gets the green light

A recurring theme faced by managers is investment in staff training. It’s pivotal that your team’s skills are hitting the mark – for the sake of delivering results, but also empowering them as they are a key asset within your company.

The problem is that there’s an abundance of training, certifications and qualifications out there. The most important difference between them is the value that each of them will provide to your business.

It’s for that exact reason that we run our Digital Accelator programme, which is entirely tailored to your business’ goals.

Relationships drive results

Take your team out of the office, even just for a day. In keeping them engaged in the wider digital landscape, it’s important to step outside of the company ‘bubble’ and listen to what others have to say. Find digital marketing events, conferences and expos that’ll trigger creativity and innovation in your team. They’ll return to the office inspired and full of fresh ideas, eager to implement them into your digital marketing strategy.

If it’s not already in your strategy, you should always look to work alongside digital experts. If your website has experienced a sharp drop in organic traffic, or the quality of your leads just isn’t there – a digital agency are your go-to contact to help you make sense of it all.


As Lancashire’s most experienced digital agency, we understand the frustrations in-house teams face.

If you want to invest in digital marketing that directly impacts and relates to your business’ goals, request more information about our Digital Accelerator programme by emailing

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