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Why is call tracking important for smart digital marketing?

Posted by Bethany in Digital Marketing | April 2017

How do you generate results for your business when you have access to only a portion of the information needed? You don’t. A result may be reported, but it’s by no means accurate. That’s why phone tracking platforms such as Response Tap are so important to digital marketing for industries that rely on phone calls as well as form submissions.

In the service industry phone calls are just as important as form requests. Why? Because your customers want answers on pricing, availability and service. Perhaps more to the point, they want those answers immediately without having to wait for a response. This rise in phone enquires has opened up a new possibilities for marketers who are looking for informative ways to track and monitor online digital marketing performance. So, how does all this help marketers? Here’s three key benefits for brands:

Ability to monitor every aspect of a phone call

Beyond allocating staff, call tracking data provides various key insights for brands. Historically, phone calls were a black hole in the customer journey; brands could track every element up to the point of calling and then lose all sense of where the person originated from, what prompted the enquiry and what information they received. Now, things have changed; with the clever introduction of call tracking we can monitor the entire customer journey from which call to action/product sparked engagement, to the length of wait time, call duration and post-call behaviour. Did they get the information they were looking for? You’ll know all this and more!

Improved SEO and website performance

Of course, this information is only valuable if you can use it in some way to improve your overall marketing strategy. Most call tracking platforms have their own dashboards where you can review the information with one click of a button - couple this integration with platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords and you have a cohesive method to analyse your wider metrics.  Through consistent monitoring and testing, call tracking can help optimise your service/landing pages, product/CTA buttons, social presence and overall search performance.

Better ROI for your digital marketing spend

Running a successful PPC campaign is a challenge as historically conversions are tracked as form competitions not calls. Bespoke were faced with this very challenge with our client Lustalux and recommended using Response Tap, a platform used for tracking conversions above the standard online conversions. The PPC campaign runs like any other - with one difference. We can use it to better attribute the success of our marketing activities.

Senior Search Strategist, Beth Lang, discusses how using call tracking software helped uncover some key data about this client’s leads:

“The conversion rate for Lustalux had been tracking at around 2%, and once we had ResponseTap on, we discovered it was actually 10%. Now we have much better transparency and can see what marketing is working and what pages are converting.”

Beth was then able to redistributed the marketing budget to get a much stronger return on investment for the client. Ultimately, call tracking can be used for so much more than a supplementary tactic. If implemented correctly, it can be used as a unifying tool to understand all of your marketing efforts, and to make further improvements.

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