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Tips on writing B2B blogs that attract customers

Posted by Aimee in Optimisation | September 2017

It’s been proven time and time again, the more you blog, the more traffic, leads and sales you can generate. With that said, B2B blogging can be a real challenge and ideas or inspiration can be difficult to come by.

Writing B2B blogs posts needn’t be a painstaking task, we explore hints and tips which will help you write killer business focused blog posts which are both relevant and will help drive business and sales from your prospective customers.

Know your customers

Knowing exactly who you are talking to is the most essential first step when writing for business audiences. Without getting inside the head of your prospective customers, you have little chance of breaking down their needs and gaining their attention. There are a few fundamental questions you need to ask from the outset:

  • What role are they in?
  • What ambitions do they have?
  • What business pains are they experiencing that you can solve?

If you already have a clear idea of your customer persona, speak with your sales or customer services team to find out what they know about your customers. These team members are the frontline of your business and have the most contact with the people you are trying to connect with. You can use this information to write targeted content which addresses your potential clients problems and needs.

Ask the right questions

Once you’ve understood pain points that your potential customers may be experiencing, the next step in producing effective B2B blog subjects is to identify what questions they may be asking.

These days, Google is a first port of call for most queries and questions - and this applies to  business owners and key decision makers too.

Selecting blog titles that match and answer these questions will not only give you a hand with your search engine rankings, but will ensure your post stands out as the most likely to answer prospective customers questions.

Useful tools:
  • Google Trends
    Google trends gives you insight into the topics that people across the globe are searching for and when. You can also type in specific search terms to find out how popular that search term is currently.
  • Website Search
    If your website has a search function, you can view what people have been looking for within your site search.

When you’ve established their problems and the questions they’re asking around them, you can start to tailor your blog subjects and content to explore how your business can help to solve these problems.

Avoid using business jargon

B2B writing doesn’t need to contain a huge amount of business related language. Whilst these types of blogs should always aim to approach business related subjects, content should be informative, focused and clear with the right tone of voice for a business audience.

You should always remember that you’re speaking to a human audience who are often looking at your blog for an answer to a problem  - business language can put people off, so make sure you keep it simple.

Encourage clicks

Blogs are about helping to educate and inform your customers and potential customers but it’s important to remember that they’re an essential part of your wider B2B content marketing strategy.  B2B blogs in particular should aim to reach many of your prospective customers as possible before nurturing them with other blogs and advice posts and converting them.

To convert you need to create Call-To-Actions (CTAs) within your blog. These could be in the form of text links or buttons, placed at the end, beginning or within your content.You should make sure that the wording and the offer tie in directly with the content on the page.

Need advice on your B2B marketing strategy?

Our Optimisation Team have years of experience in writing for a vast range of audiences, for clients in differing sectors across a number of industries. If you’re considering hiring a team of digital content experts to work alongside your in-house team, get in touch on 01772 591100.

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