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5 Top Tips For Creating Optimised Digital Content

Posted by Aimee in Web Design | April 2017

It’s no secret that today's top content should be optimised for digital experiences across multiple online channels. This means that companies should have the content in place to meet the reader’s needs once they are online. It should be catered towards what they are doing on your website and motivate them to read on and ultimately make a purchase.

If your business can master the ability to publish content for the modern-day reader that generates engagement, clicks and directs them to your checkout, this will not only meet the needs of the online customer but convert prospects into buyers. Here’s our 5 top tips for creating optimised digital content:

The importance of customer intent

Successfully understanding the needs of your customer and what they are looking for online can have a huge impact on attracting people to your brand website and encouraging them to engage with you and eventually become loyal customers.

To avoid losing potential customers to your competitors, make sure your content is matched to user intent to ensure your content performs best in Google searches. If you fail to do so it will not appear in relevant search queries and since it does not meet your customer's needs, it will likely have a higher bounce rate.

Optimising for social media

You need to optimise your content for the entire user journey, regardless of at which point your customer interacts with you. Don’t just focus on your website content as your only point of contact. Instead, think of it as generating content for all the places your potential customer may visit, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.

Populating these channels with fresh, unique content will bring in users from all possible touch points. This will help build a positive relationship, with direct links to your product pages, blogs and other website content.

Create quality content

You’ve probably heard time and time again about the importance of producing quality content. Well, no matter how tired this may be, we’re here to reiterate this message once again. Quality content is essential in retaining your customers and building trust.

No matter how often you produce content or how well you may know your business, there’s always room for errors and where content is concerned, you should be thorough. Always proofread your work and use the correct grammar, as there is sure to be one stickler out there who will correct your mistakes!

Optimise engagement with visuals

Research has found that 80% of people are more likely to engage with content that includes coloured visuals. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to use imagery as a visual tool to communicate with your readers. There have been various changes across major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to accommodate our preference for more visual based posts. At the same time, infographics and videos have become powerful tools for brands looking to share information easily with readers.

Produce call-to-actions

The concept of a call-to-action is simple: you encourage the reader to take action, whether it’s to buy a product, sign up to your newsletter or even read a blog post. Essentially you are giving your readers a nudge in the right direction that should help generate sales for your business.

These actions vary in colour and size depending on your goal conversion and website style. But generally this feature should be visually striking content that compels your reader to click the offer. They should also be easy to understand with minimal content, action-oriented and state exactly what the visitor will get through clicking the CTA.

What's Next? 

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