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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Posted by Aimee in Web Design | April 2017

Here at Bespoke, we like to buy online and we pay a lot of attention to what works from E-commerce sites and what doesn't. Looking at things from usability to functionality, one of the most prolific areas of a site that can stop your client from buying is the checkout area. We've noted 6 really simple changes that you can make (or ask your web company to make) to improve your conversion rates.

1. Reduce delivery costs wherever possible.

Stats have shown that shoppers abandon shopping carts where delivery costs are high. Don't hide costs either - people hate surprises and will ditch their basket if you slap on a cost which hasn't been previously mentioned. Make delivery costs as low as possible or even better, make delivery free.

2. Put feedback /testimonials on the checkout area (and throughout your site).

People trust reviews! The more that potential buyers feel they can trust you, the more likely they are to buy. If your service is good then shout about it! Testimonials can help convince buyers that you are a worthy retailer. Just make sure that they are all positive.

3. Make all call to action buttons clear and colourful.

These should also include adding an element of confidence for the buyer. For example 'pay securely now' on an orange button, is clearer than simply 'pay now' on a grey button. It's worth bearing in mind that different colours convert better on different types of sites (black is good for premium) so it's worth consulting with your designer as to how to use colour to the best effect.

4. Simplify the buying process.

Making things easier for the buyer and reducing the amount of time that they have to spend at the checkout is likely to improve conversion. Remove all unnecessary boxes from the details section, and make sure that there are limits to the amounts of numbers that you can enter for account codes and security codes to reduce the likelihood of mistake.

5. Allow guest checkout.

It can be frustrating when you try to buy from a site only to find that they want everything from your pets name to your passport number. Okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but make signing up optional, not mandatory before you can buy. Sites where users make frequent/repeat purchases (such as Amazon and supermarket shopping sites such as Tesco) are exceptions to the rule on this one though - its often easier to have an account if you are a returning shopper.

6. Understand Analytics Data.

Yup, there's actually 6 points on our list - we've given you an extra cheeky bonus point that will help you to increase your conversion rates: know your website data. Google analytics gives you the best chance of understanding how your clients are using your site so ask your web company to set it up for you (we put this on all the sites that we build). From drop outs to click through rates, it's all there and you need to know how to use it because it can offer a serious insight to how users navigate your site.

If you use this data correctly, there are lots of ways to improve conversion but there can be a lot of information to digest. Again, your web company should be able to advise you on this. Or pick up all the information you need to digest analytics on our 3 hour workshop Analytics Made Easy. It will teach you all you need to get started using Google Analytics. 

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