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Banishing Your Website’s Harmful Bots with Invisible ReCAPTCHA

Posted by Bethany in Web Design | April 2017

For the end user, trying to identify the right combination of barely legible letters to prove that you’re ‘not a robot’ can be irritating.

Introduced in 2000, CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) greatly improves the safety, security and accessibility of a website. But for business owners – in terms of website security, it’s a necessary measure for dodging spam and malicious bots.

Adam Pattison, our Head of Production, says: “Form CAPTCHA boxes have had an interesting life cycle over the past few years with peaks and troughs of success both for users and systems. The latest steps from Google is an elegant and simple solution. Whether you have an E-Commerce or Lead Generation website, employing invisible reCAPTCHA is a no-brainer for any online business. “

Thankfully, Google’s CAPTCHA technology has evolved over the years, now utilising more straightforward methods of banishing bots. Far from the likes of previous versions of CAPTCHA, in 2014 it was reduced to simply ticking a box labelled ‘I’m not a robot.’

Their latest update, from an end user point of view, would appear that Google are getting rid of CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA altogether. In reality, they are introducing the invisible reCAPTCHA which helps differentiate humans from bots without additional efforts from those engaging with your website.

The invisible reCAPTCHA is determined by their browsing behaviour and activity. Whilst recording activity such as your mouse movements and keystrokes is nothing new, it’s application to detecting harmful bots is certainly significant.

What does this mean for my business?

Invisible reCAPTCHA captures the information it needs discreetly. When considering the user’s experience on your website, reducing the number of steps in their journey is more likely to lead towards a conversion – whether it be a newsletter signup, enquiry or transaction.

Businesses that choose to exclude CAPTCHA from their website risk its safety, security and prevention of cyber attacks. The Invisible reCAPTCHA accommodates businesses who have considered previous versions of CAPTCHA to be a nuisance, or hindrance to their conversion rate.

To help your website benefit from invisible reCAPTCHA, get in touch with one of our digital experts on 01775 591100 or find out more about our Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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