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Improving the longevity of your Content Management System

Posted by Aimee in Web Design | April 2017

Off the shelf solutions

Off the shelf products are just that, pre-made, pre-designed and often overwhelmingly generic. Much of the time, off the shelf CMS solutions are unlikely to offer much individuality or scope for future development. Not only may you find yourself with a strikingly similar looking website to someone else's but you could find that your website functionality is only able to stretch as far as the website template allows.

These ‘boxed solutions’ can also be infamously problematic when it comes to producing an effective, fast moving mobile version of your site. So when you consider that 80% of internet users own a smartphone and with the likes of Google AMP on the horizon, you could be compromising both your mobile conversion rates and search engine placement.

Pre-made CMS systems are also prone to security threats, for example, 97% of the time Magento-built content management systems are running on aging software. People who write malicious code find template websites particularly tempting mainly because they present an opportunity to hack multiple sites at once.

Custom built solutions

There is a myth that anything tailor-made must surely cost more than something off the shelf. On the surface, that rationale makes sense but when you look at the amount of time, money and effort spent adapting off the shelf software to suit your needs, it can often surpass that of building the system from scratch.

Your business growth may also mean that a standard off the shelf CMS will become incompatible with your plans relatively quickly, so a bespoke solution may be a good option if you plan to develop and grow substantially.

As business needs vary enormously from one company to the next, you’ll need to have a detailed view of your company goals and financial targets for 2017. The best kind of development companies will be able to help give you insights into which features can benefit you and your future business plans.

If you have an existing CMS

If you already have a Content Management System in place, there are a number of things you can ask your current supplier:

  • Are you running on the most up-to-date version of the system?
  • What updates and new features are in development for the future?
  • Has the security been updated for your CMS?

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