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Why having a responsive website is a great investment

Posted by Aimee in Web Design | April 2017

At Bespoke we’ve been encouraging our clients to make the switch to responsive websites for some time. So we welcome the recent findings by Google that more than 50% of all search queries are now made on a mobile device.

With an increasing number of web traffic coming in from all devices from desktops and smartphones to tablets, it is essential that your website is optimised for the tech-savvy customer to improve your user experience and functionality.

Why do I need a responsive website?

  • Google favours websites that are mobile friendly and can boost your site in organic search when it converts to a responsive design.
  • Responsive websites decrease bounce rates (i.e. your potential customers will stick around for much longer).
  • You can track phone calls through Google Analytics with a mobile site which is HUGE!

What are responsive websites?

Responsive websites are not designed with a specific device in mind but instead are built to scale your content. This means your website will be resized and reformatted to improve the user journey leading to an increase in conversions. They are also great because they only require one coded website instead of the previous mobile templates that required mobile specific content and mobile-only sub domains. With a responsive website you can rest assured knowing your website is optimised for all existing and potential future devices.

Responsive websites also feature improved SEO benefits, which can help potential customers reach your website first time, everytime. It has also been found that search engines, such as Google prefer responsive designs because they are easier for its crawlers to access and index content.

Why does mobile usage continue to increase?

As our phones continue to grow “smarter” people no longer turn to a computer for the answers. Social media has also played a part in the transition to mobile as businesses promote their services on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Another cause for the increase in mobile search is the ability to connect using 3G/4G networks. This has allowed users to browse the internet on the go, which is especially useful to local businesses.

Why does it matter?

In today's densely packed online market, user experience is more important than ever. Your website is your first impression (and often the only experience with your brand) so you need to give users a reason to engage. If they can’t navigate your website they are likely to look elsewhere, which could result in a missed business opportunity. If something was causing half of your customers to leave your shop would consider making a change? Of course you would, and this is no different.

That sounds great, but how do I get a responsive site?

The best and most secure way to ensure you are getting a responsive website that generates positive results, is to collaborate with a digital agency. At Bespoke, our team of web specialists can plan, design and build a website to your exacting standards that is optimised for all customers. Call us on 01772 591100 or get in touch online.

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